Winter Weather

It’s hit or miss, here in Kentucky, whether we actually get a real winter or not.  Many years, the precipitation is mostly rain, the ground is always squashy and muddy, and the skies maintain a steady shade of gray.  Some years, it snows.  I like snow years best of all, because it’s probably colder, and […]

The Day My Dog Fell Through the Ice

I love my dog. I love my dog like I have never loved another dog before. She’s brave and devoted and smart.  She kills small predators in the night.  She keeps mean dogs away.  She barks at strangers with such ferocity that they fear to get out of their cars.  She waits for us to […]

{p,h,f,r} It’s Sunny!

{pretty} Winter, in my part of the world, tends to be gray and overcast.  Except when it’s brutally cold!  Alas, like most of the country this year, we’re experiencing unseasonable warm weather, and thus, it is rainy and gray something like 99.9% of the time.  But today!  Today I spied the sun shining on my […]

{p,h,f,r} At The Tree Farm

We’ve been going to a small, family-owned tree farm for our Christmas trees for most of the time we’ve lived here, but last year, we noticed that the trees were getting scragglier, and he didn’t seem to be planting new ones.  So this year, we went with a bigger, agri-tourism operation not far from Louisville, […]

{p,h,f,r} Is This Winter?

{pretty} What, you don’t think rusty bolts are pretty? 🙂 Actually, here’s something I’ve been considering today: Ask anybody doing truly creative work and they’ll tell you the truth: They don’t know where the good stuff comes from.  They just show up to do their thing.  Every day. (Steal Like an Artist) This is how […]

A Cautionary Tale

The trouble with going out into the world is that those people have germs, and they really don’t care who they share them with. Brenna came home last week and mentioned that her coworker had hand-foot-and-mouth disease, but that the doctor had said it wasn’t contagious.  Guess what?  Oh, yes.  It’s contagious. Evie started with […]