In A Word

It’s becoming a bit of a thing to choose a word to use to define and focus the upcoming year.  I’ve been casting around for one for a few weeks, since I started working on my 2018 planner, but nothing has really felt right, so I gave up on it. But then I found my […]


Last Sunday, cooking without a range was an amusing novelty.  This Sunday, it was getting to be a bit of a drag.  No matter, though!  We’re supposed to be picking up our new model this morning.  Getting it installed, though, is another issue, since nobody seems to install gas ranges. We have both.  Gas and […]

Baby Girl

I never did a nine month update for my little Munchy! That’s what I call her. It’s short for munchkin, but it’s also because she has a tendency to nip. Mostly my shoulder. Anyway, nine month old Munchy! She figured out how to crawl just at her nine month birthday. She still did the inchworm […]