It Is October

It is October, but you’d hardly know it by the weather; even though the humidity is way down, we are still enjoying a fair number of 80° days, and there are many more in the forecast.  It hasn’t rained in ages, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to.  You know what that means?  We […]

{p,h,f,r} waiting for baby edition

No particular story line or theme this week.  Baby is five days overdue, and who can think of anything in any sort of an organized way at a time like this?  I’d like to be finished, but then again, two of the children are being Confirmed on Sunday, and if I go into labor much […]

37+ Weeks and Counting

I don’t blog much these days, and for one simple reason, really: one isn’t able to muster much energy for non-baby related things in late pregnancy!  What energy I have goes toward maintaining home and home school as much as possible, and preparing for the little one to come.  I’m at the Weekly Visit To […]


It’s too early, but it’s been… what?  Two weeks now?  The temperatures have been so mild, we’ve been sleeping with windows open, and nary a fire needs to be started at five o’clock in the morning.  The grass is greening, and the cows are eating it.  The daffodils are in bloom, the maples are all […]

Nature Therapy

Sometimes, cleaning therapy is not quite enough, and you need to get away. Not shopping. Oh, no. That doesn’t fill the heart or soothe the soul. But nature does. So I packed the children and our lunch off to our favorite park. It’s located between the Walmart and the entrance to Fort Knox, and it’s […]

{p,h,f,r} The End of July

Hi, there! Nice to see you!  Did you know that  bloggers love comments?  Thrive on them?  Are motivated and inspired by interaction with readers?  I know you’re busy, but it only takes a moment.  If anything you see or read here brings you a smile, or makes you think, please tell us about it!  We […]

{p,h,f,r} Seeking Rest in Beauty

{PRETTY} I may, just possibly, have a thing for wild flowers. I spied this one in my neighbor’s fence row on my way into town yesterday, and I just had to go back to photograph it. It’s gorgeous! And just crawling with bees, butterflies, and other assorted insects. It’s called orange butterfly weed, which is […]

{p,h,f,r} In the Middle of June

{pretty} Day lilies!  I never used to like day lilies, because they always seemed kind of weedy to me, but now, those very same qualities are what make them so endearing.  They grow so thickly that there’s no need to weed around them, they happily expand themselves year after year, and they require no more […]

{P, H, F, R} Summer Already?

{PRETTY} It seems like Spring has hardly made her appearance, but already Summer is shouldering her out of the way!  Everything is so green and lush, almost overgrown, the temperatures have soared into the nineties, and if not for a certain paleness in the sky, I would think it was early July rather than early […]

{P, H, F, R} Is April Over Already?

{PRETTY} April is nearly ready to give way to May. The dogwoods are starting to fade already. The lilacs are nearly spent, and the apple blossoms, all on one windy day, fell like confetti from the trees. This is always my favorite time of the year, watching it all come to life, basking in sights […]