When I was in elementary school, I had a music teacher named Mrs. DeRouville. I loved that woman, and in my adulthood, when I remember her, I elevate her even to the status of a saint. She must have been! How else could a single woman have taught hundreds of unruly schoolchildren each year to […]

Kid Quote

Penelope: What’s a pommel? Megan: It’s the thing that sticks up on the front of a saddle. Me: William the Conqueror was killed by a pommel.  He was thrown from his horse and he hit that pommel so hard, he died from the internal injuries. Brenna, in shock: Is Mama spouting historical facts?! Because, yeah, […]

The New Range

We’re loving it!  I made donuts yesterday, and it held the oil at a perfect 375°.  No tacking up and down, trying to maintain temperature!  I made ricotta cheese and forgot to stir the milk because I was also reading blogs on the internet.  It didn’t scorch the bottom!  I baked two pizzas at one […]

Conformity: The Greatest Virtue?

I used to take the children out all the time. Whenever home got to be too much, too dull, too whatever, we’d fairly spontaneously pack ourselves up and hit the road. We’d go to the zoo, a museum, a park, bowling, or maybe just for a walk in some old-fashioned shopping district. Somehow, though, since […]

Into the Woods and Out Again

Here’s our little baby.  We don’t know what it is, besides, you know, a baby, but we do know that there’s nothing obviously wrong with it, so… Hooray!  As for me, I can’t really carry heavy things anymore, because there is a baby in the way, but I am otherwise keeping up with all my […]