Field Trip: Jazz Music

Brenna sent me a flyer yesterday for the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Quartet.  They were performing at the community college, and, since Henry really enjoys jazz, we decided to head over there on our lunch break and check it out.  What fun it was!  The performance focused on sharing different styles of jazz music, and educating […]

Into the Woods and Out Again

Here’s our little baby.  We don’t know what it is, besides, you know, a baby, but we do know that there’s nothing obviously wrong with it, so… Hooray!  As for me, I can’t really carry heavy things anymore, because there is a baby in the way, but I am otherwise keeping up with all my […]

Blueberry Season

We picked 90 pounds this year, much better than last year’s 12.  That doesn’t include the ones we ate in the field.  If they’d weighed the kids before and after, I would have owed them quite a few more dollars. 🙂 We put 45 pounds right in the freezer, but I’ve got another 40 I […]