Speaking With Evie

Saturday morning, I found myself out and about, all alone with the babies.  In between stops, I was teaching Evie a song from our early married days, one that Davey’s alarm clock used to play. One, two, three, four, get your feet on the floor.  Five, six, seven, eight, wake up now or you’ll be […]

The New Range

We’re loving it!  I made donuts yesterday, and it held the oil at a perfect 375°.  No tacking up and down, trying to maintain temperature!  I made ricotta cheese and forgot to stir the milk because I was also reading blogs on the internet.  It didn’t scorch the bottom!  I baked two pizzas at one […]

Baby Girl

I never did a nine month update for my little Munchy! That’s what I call her. It’s short for munchkin, but it’s also because she has a tendency to nip. Mostly my shoulder. Anyway, nine month old Munchy! She figured out how to crawl just at her nine month birthday. She still did the inchworm […]

Kid Quote

Jonathan looked fondly at his baby sister, as she climbed all over the neatly stacked piles of folded laundry on the living room floor.  “She’s like a Mark V tank in World War I: she goes over everything and through everything.” Then, with a sad shake of his head,”And she destroys everything.”