A Recipe for Donuts

This recipe makes 12 donuts, just enough for a pan, but there are enough crumbs and icing to make up to eighteen.  Eighteen is how many donuts I need, so those measurements are in parentheses at the end of the line.  I didn’t want you to have to buy an odd pan, though! And twelve […]

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

I posted a photograph yesterday of my favorite chocolate chip cookies, and somebody asked, “Where’s the recipe?” I just always assume that everyone already has a favorite chocolate cookie recipe. “You never know!” she said. But, my friends, you do know. When you have found your perfect chocolate chip cookie, you know it, and you […]

Things I Like

I always appreciate when other people share with me the things and services that really work for them, so I thought I’d add a semi-regular post to share the things that I like. BookBub: This is a free service that sends a daily email with a curated list of free or cheap ebooks.  These are […]

How To Make Bread From Scratch

Most people will tell you that baking bread takes too long, or that it’s too hard, or that it’s cheaper and easier to just buy it from the store.  They’ll think you’re absolutely crazy for even bothering, but I have never met anybody who didn’t gush over the warm wonderfulness that is a fresh loaf […]

Basic White Bread: A Recipe

I developed this recipe when I first started baking – for a bread machine! If you’ve never made bread, start here. This will make one loaf. Ingredients: 1 ¼ cups of water (or combination of water, milk, eggs, whey…) 1 tsp yeast 2 tbsp sugar (or honey, but measure honey with the liquid ingredients) 1 […]