Hands and Hearts

I took these two for a walk this afternoon.  We’ve been so cooped up and we all needed some fresh air and sunshine.  I think this morning was the coldest one we’ve had yet (26°), but the day was so lovely, I didn’t want us to miss the whole thing.  Henry held my hand the […]

A Quote For a Sunday

A saint is just an ordinary person who has been filled with the spirit of Christ.  The quality that distinguishes one saint from another is like that of the light streaming from lanterns made of different shades of glass.  Each human being is an unrepeatable individual, and to fail to become a saint is to […]

Henry at Nineteen Months

Henry is officially nineteen months old as of yesterday, and he’s just about the most charming person I’ve ever met.  He’s crazy affectionate, but he loves me in odd ways.  He’ll climb up behind me and wrap his arms around me, then turn my head so he can kiss my cheek, for example.  He spent […]

Goodbye, Amazon!

I put myself on an Amazon fast last month.  The deal I made with myself was that anything I thought I wanted, I could put on my wish list instead of in my cart.  Then, during the last week of the month, I could spend a set dollar amount from items on my list.  Anything […]

Back in the Saddle + Growing Caterpillars

Hey, y’all!  I tidied up the kitchen!  And some messy corners of the living room!  Of course, the living room was messied again almost immediately, but the kitchen is still clean.  And I’m even menu planning this morning, since Henry so sweetly woke me up at 4:25, and there’s no sense going back to bed […]

Now It’s November

Where does the time go? Actually, I have an Etsy shop now.  I always wanted one, but I was always like, “What am I going to sell?” So no shop.  But I make and bake all sorts of things, and people are always saying, “You should sell this!” So I finally took their advice, and […]

It Is October

It is October, but you’d hardly know it by the weather; even though the humidity is way down, we are still enjoying a fair number of 80° days, and there are many more in the forecast.  It hasn’t rained in ages, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to.  You know what that means?  We […]

In Which We Draw Too Much Attention To Ourselves

As we entered the sanctuary, my eyes scanned the pews, just like always.  Our second-on-the-left pew was still unoccupied, but just in front, I noticed a pair of white-habited nuns.  We slid into our seats and I helped Evie pray with Jesus, then I leaned over and tapped a nun on the shoulder.  “Are you […]

Henry at Seventeen Months

Seventeen months!  I don’t know exactly how we survived all those months before, but we did, and here we are. Henry walks a bit of a line between clingy and curious.  He hates to get left behind.  If he gets left behind, he turns into a little demon baby.  He screeches and claws and alternately […]