Thanksgiving Leftovers

My mom has always been an early riser, but she used to get up unusually early on Thanksgiving morning.  She’d make the stuffing, including chopped giblets and roasted chestnuts.  Then she’d stuff the turkey, season it, and pop it in the oven to roast all morning.  I think it was usually cooking by 7AM, maybe […]

Making Music

When I was in fourth grade, my school offered me the opportunity to join the band.  I remember there was a special assembly where someone presented all the instruments available.  I remember one of my classmates asking if you had to have long arms to play the trombone.  He called her up on stage to […]


When I was in elementary school, I had a music teacher named Mrs. DeRouville. I loved that woman, and in my adulthood, when I remember her, I elevate her even to the status of a saint. She must have been! How else could a single woman have taught hundreds of unruly schoolchildren each year to […]