Photography Project: Week 4

I’m a little late this week. I try to post this on Saturday, where it will bother the least number of people, but it was a busy weekend, and I had to prioritize other things. Paint, mostly. We’re building more bookshelves for the living room. If we won’t build a new room, we will turn […]

Unnatural Light

People always advertise that they are “natural light photographers”, and it seems like one of those things to aspire to.  I mean, it’s natural!  It’s a really great buzzword, like organic! Or, GMO-free!  And what kind of a person doesn’t want organic photographs?  One photography blog advertises that they’ll help you find the light in […]

Why I Am Attempting a Photography Project

Well, because I like to make photographs.  Like, really like.  It calms me, brings me peace to look for the beauty in the mess that is life.  And there is always beauty.  Now, it’s true that I also tried this last year, and I gave up by the end of January.  And it’s true that […]