Our First Taste of Winter

It’s cold out!  Very cold for our neck of the woods: low 20s to teens overnight, low thirties for highs.  It’s been so warm here this autumn, it’s kind of a shock.  But we even had a dusting of snow yesterday that briefly accumulated on the sidewalks and patios.  It lingers still on the ice-crusted […]


When I was in elementary school, I had a music teacher named Mrs. DeRouville. I loved that woman, and in my adulthood, when I remember her, I elevate her even to the status of a saint. She must have been! How else could a single woman have taught hundreds of unruly schoolchildren each year to […]

Hello, There.

What’s up with me? I post every day for a week, then, nothing.  Silence. For two weeks. Little do you know that I front loaded nearly all those posts that week, so, really, you haven’t heard from me in three. 🙂 So what’s up with you? Are you back in school, or still doing your […]

This and That – With Photos!

Tommy, holding the baby that’s almost as big as he is. Delaney was remarking, as we perused old photos, that my photography skills have greatly increased over the years.  No, said I, I just have better equipment to take bad photos with.  Case in point. 🙂 Naked baby, fresh from her bath.  Do I need […]

{P,H,F,R} Catching Up Edition

Pretty is my knitting project, which is another sweater, this time for Penelope, but she won’t get it till Christmas. I will be taking it to the fair, though. I’m a bit farther along than when I took this photo. Happy is what this baby makes me. I rode along as escort to a doctor […]

{P,H,F,R} We’re Underway

First, a little bloggy business:  I have a facebook page here (not under my regular email address, so you won’t find me that way) and a twitter account here.  If you’d like to friend or follow, please do.  No entry shall exceed 149 characters, and there will be no more than one per day.  🙂 […]

How Come I Can’t Have Everything I Want?

Well, hello, there! I’ve been away for a while.  I’ve had some things to take care of, you see.  Things that just couldn’t wait any longer.  Things that needed my personal attention.  Because I am the keeper of the Grand Plan, and I also have the ability to backward plan.  This is, apparently, not an […]

2014: A New Year

This is a nice time of year for setting some goals for the future, don’t you think? Not resolutions. I mean, just the word itself, it sounds so grim and unyielding. And our “resolutions” tend to be pie-in-the-sky ideals. But goals? Those are visions – flexible, adaptable, maybe even just a smaller part of a […]

On Monday Morning

We are beginning our official Fall Break today.  I plan to give at least the downstairs a thorough cleaning this week, then we should have three or four days for more amusing pastimes.  Aside for the grumblings over the cleaning, which won’t actually take long with so many of us attacking the job at once, […]

Blueberry Season

We picked 90 pounds this year, much better than last year’s 12.  That doesn’t include the ones we ate in the field.  If they’d weighed the kids before and after, I would have owed them quite a few more dollars. 🙂 We put 45 pounds right in the freezer, but I’ve got another 40 I […]