My Week

Dave’s father is here.  He arrived rather suddenly on Monday evening to discuss plans for him to move here.  This is something we’ve always offered our parents: a home when they can no longer manage one of their own, for whatever reason.  His reasons are partly financial (he doesn’t really have any) partly emotional (his […]

I’m Out of Coffee

I thought there was another can in the pantry, but we’re all out.  Fortunately, there is half a thermos left over from yesterday, otherwise this would be an extremely unpleasant morning.  As it is, it’s only a mildly unpleasant morning.  At least the children will be spared the discontent of their uncaffeinated parents! I was […]

New Blog

Because I’m so good at blogging on one site, I thought two would be a great idea. 🙂 All blogging of a family or personal nature will now take place here.  Please update your readers and subscriptions accordingly so you never have to miss out on photos like this:  

Christmas Cards Already?!

Hi, there, friends!  Lots of us only know each other online, but that doesn’t mean we care for each other any less than if we knew each other in real life.  And so, I need to ask you a favor. We really enjoy sending cards to the people we care about.  Even internet people!  If […]

Hello, There.

What’s up with me? I post every day for a week, then, nothing.  Silence. For two weeks. Little do you know that I front loaded nearly all those posts that week, so, really, you haven’t heard from me in three. 🙂 So what’s up with you? Are you back in school, or still doing your […]

Some Pictures and Some Books

So how have you been? I’d tell you I’m still swamped here, but you already know that, so we’ll dispense with that formality. 🙂 Actually, though, I’ve read two books recently (like in the past two weeks) that I’d like to recommend. Somehow, I’ve ended up on a blogger-turned-author kick. Anyway, the first is Surprised […]

On Keeping Up With the Joneses

What is it in our natures that compels us to always compare ourselves to others?  To see how we measure up, how we fail in comparison, or how we are better? One fellow homeschooling mom I know of gets up early in the morning, before her children, and spends at least an hour in prayer.  […]

Sad Story About Ethanol

The headline sucks, but the story is pretty good.  Nothing I didn’t already know, but maybe it’s news to you.  On a personal note, my van went from 18-20 miles per gallon down to twelve when I could no longer find ethanol-free fuel.  Not sure how “green” that is.  🙁