Our First Taste of Winter

It’s cold out!  Very cold for our neck of the woods: low 20s to teens overnight, low thirties for highs.  It’s been so warm here this autumn, it’s kind of a shock.  But we even had a dusting of snow yesterday that briefly accumulated on the sidewalks and patios.  It lingers still on the ice-crusted […]

Dear Amazon,

How have you been doing? Pretty well, it looks like. I’ve noticed you’ve been buying up lots of other stores, rolling them into your own business, trying to take over the world. Heck, you’ve even got our local postal workers delivering your packages on Sundays! I’d love to know how you finagled that one. Anyway, […]

It Is October

It is October, but you’d hardly know it by the weather; even though the humidity is way down, we are still enjoying a fair number of 80° days, and there are many more in the forecast.  It hasn’t rained in ages, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to.  You know what that means?  We […]

On Men in The Lady’s Room

I try not to weigh in too much on political issues here.  There’s enough division and finger-pointing in this world without me adding to the noise.  I like to focus on more meaningful things, like how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie or do-it-yourself art cards.  But I have to break my silence now […]

The Books I Read: January 2017

This post contains affiliate links, and I thank you in advance for any clicking you may do! The way I’m getting more reading done this year is by leaving books wherever I tend to get pinned down, like the couch or the bed.  That way, when I’m nursing a baby or snuggling the toddler before […]

Twinkle Lights and Tombstones

It’s Advent, when we focus on preparing for the birth of our Lord, for life and light. And yet, just a few weeks after Christmas, we will spend our weeks following that same Jesus through the darkest days of betrayal, suffering, abandonment, death. The story has a happy ending, of course, but life and death, […]

A Story of My Dad and The Homeless Man

“I’m supposed to write a story about mercy,” Delaney said, “and I have no idea what to write.” “That’s funny,” I replied, “because when you said “mercy”, a story popped instantly into my head. Maybe if I tell you about it, it will help you find your own mercy story.” So, a long, long time […]

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

This has been a long, dark week in which our priest has been driven off by certain members of his own parishes.  The other night, a message got back to me. “Tell your mother we did what we had to do.” I’ve heard vague stories, stories with no details, no names, that run sharply counter […]

This and That

We’re having the most perfect weather this week.  All day long, the sun shines, drying the laundry on the line and letting us get our work done.  Then just after milking time in the evening, it starts to rain, and keeps it up right until it’s time to go back out for milking again in […]