Evie is Three

Evie is three, and three is a difficult age for my babies.  Three is the year they have to learn that other people have needs and desires, too, and that they can’t always do what they please or have what they want right when they want to do it or have it, or sometimes at […]

More Sleep Progress

Thursday: I don’t often get to take a bubble bath anymore, thanks to my two later-in-life babies, but I committed to enjoying one on Thursday night, since Henry has been doing so much better this week.  He did wake at his usual 45 minutes after going to sleep, but he cried only briefly and then […]

The Sleep Training Saga: Continued

Tuesday: I started reading Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman.  It turns out I’m fairly French in my parenting style, but I’ve obviously forgotten a thing or two about getting babies to sleep through the night and blend into the family’s general schedule.  Basically, I’ve let the whole world revolve around the babies, and that […]


Somehow, in the past year, I have lost my sense of joy.  Maybe I’ve suffered from postpartum depression, maybe I’ve just been spread too thin, but I have definitely lost the pleasure I used to take in my ordinary life, in my extraordinary family.  The little trials of the day that used to be amusing […]

The Buddy System

Have you ever read My Antonia, by Willa Cather?  Willa Cather is not for everyone.  Her stories are slow, quiet, almost without plot, really.  She writes about the ordinary, the mundane, but you do walk away from her novels with a deep and abiding love for her characters.  Perhaps that’s because we grow to know […]

American Girl: A Dream Come True

It’s just about three hours from here to Nashville.  It’s an easy drive, straight down 65, which gets a little convoluted in the heart of the destination city, but it’s not too bad.  Just long.  Nashville is the country music capitol of the world, but we were headed there for a different reason: Nashville is […]

The Henry Problem

As you may remember, I’ve been having some trouble with Henry and his sleep patterns, or lack thereof.  So how about a little relevant story? Last week, I wanted to try some beer in a soup.  You see, it was Ash Wednesday, and I couldn’t use meat broth in my soup, and I had this […]