One Day At A Time

I posted my 33rd photograph this morning.  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this far with a 365 project.  The difference is that I usually look at the totality of it, thinking of it more like a (very big) countdown.  This time, I am just taking one more photo today.  Tomorrow is irrelevant; only today […]

On Concrete Giving

When it comes to money, we do a lot of little things that are actually a detriment to teaching our children about spending, saving, and giving.  We go to the store and swipe a little plastic card.  Maybe it’s a debit card, and there was cash to back it up, but maybe it’s a credit […]

You Are Beloved

When I was growing up, I thought my mother was beautiful.  She didn’t go out very often, but once in a while, she’d break out her makeup case and get all fancied up, and we’d sit in the bathroom doorway, my sisters and I, mesmerized, as she did her eyes.  It seemed so magical, our […]

In A Word

It’s becoming a bit of a thing to choose a word to use to define and focus the upcoming year.  I’ve been casting around for one for a few weeks, since I started working on my 2018 planner, but nothing has really felt right, so I gave up on it. But then I found my […]

The Year God Struck Me Dumb

It happened one December when my children were all small, and our entire family numbered six.  I can’t tell you exactly which year it was, but I do know that we lived in Illinois.  Jonny was born before our first Christmas there and Rosie wouldn’t present herself until shortly after our move to Georgia, so […]

Seeking Joy

I don’t really know how it happened. I’m usually a pretty positive person. I mean, I can see what’s coming down the pike, and I can see it’s not good, but I also believe that there’s a way through it, and that there’s good things to be gained by surviving. But somehow, I’ve let all […]

Henry at Nineteen Months

Henry is officially nineteen months old as of yesterday, and he’s just about the most charming person I’ve ever met.  He’s crazy affectionate, but he loves me in odd ways.  He’ll climb up behind me and wrap his arms around me, then turn my head so he can kiss my cheek, for example.  He spent […]

Now It’s November

Where does the time go? Actually, I have an Etsy shop now.  I always wanted one, but I was always like, “What am I going to sell?” So no shop.  But I make and bake all sorts of things, and people are always saying, “You should sell this!” So I finally took their advice, and […]

Evie is Three

Evie is three, and three is a difficult age for my babies.  Three is the year they have to learn that other people have needs and desires, too, and that they can’t always do what they please or have what they want right when they want to do it or have it, or sometimes at […]