Good Enough

The world is so full of a number of things, I think we should all be as happy as kings.   ~Robert Louis Stevenson There is so much to know, so much to do and see, and so little time to learn it all. I have always loved making art of all kinds, but I had […]

Meg’s Courses, 11th Grade, 2016-2017

History and Literature: Roman Roads Media “Greeks” (Literature and history) A full year French Revolution history and literature unit of my own design Latin: Henle II (Memoria Press) Greek: First Form (Memoria Press) Math: Precalculus (Teaching Textbooks) Religion: History of the Church (Didache) Science: Exploring Creation with Marine Biology Literature is included in both history […]

Two Weeks In

I still have a few things I haven’t prepped or planned for, but the first two weeks of school have been an unqualified success! Smoothest start ever, I think. Why? Kind of loose a schedule. I’m not planning to do this or that on this particular day. I have it set up so the little […]

Notes: 1/180

Evie already knows her ABCs from singing and pointing at the letters at the end of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Eric Carle’s ABC.  So when I formally introduced her to the letters a, c, t, s, and o this morning, I wasn’t too surprised that she knew their names, and she knew most of […]

Fine Arts in the Homeschool

We planned to start school this year on the fifteenth, but I haven’t got all the lessons planned out yet, so that is definitely not going to work.  I’m making progress, but it’s slow, partly because I’m thinking as I’m planning about why and what and how we should be learning. Let’s take art, for […]

DIY Art Cards

Artist studies.  Such a Charlotte Mason-y thing to do.  I’ve loved the idea of a Charlotte Mason style education for my children almost since the beginning.  (Alas, I didn’t meet her quite right away!)  Implementation, though?  I’m afraid it hasn’t been my strong suit. Did you ever look at that other art appreciation program called […]

The Power of Handwriting

Have you seen this guy? His art and penmanship is amazing. I write all the time. Lists, notes, ideas, plans, memories, sometimes even just a single word – all written down and even doodled. Writing, to me, is such a vibrant and human thing to do. What will we lose by keeping all of our […]