2014: A New Year

This is a nice time of year for setting some goals for the future, don’t you think? Not resolutions. I mean, just the word itself, it sounds so grim and unyielding. And our “resolutions” tend to be pie-in-the-sky ideals. But goals? Those are visions – flexible, adaptable, maybe even just a smaller part of a […]

The Domestic Church: Snowed In

We decided early in the morning that we would make the decision to go to Mass or not at 10AM.  Davey came in from his chores at a quarter till to report that the roads were not cleared and quite slick, being coated with layers of both ice and snow.  He even saw someone actually […]

An Answered Prayer

“Where did this rose come from?” I asked. “The Mary garden,” Brenna replied. “Unusual to see a rose so late in the season,” I said thoughtfully. Then, “Has anyone been praying to Saint Therese?” Rosie smiled sheepishly. “I have.” I nodded and considered the rose. “It looks like your prayer has been answered. What have […]

Time to Pray

I can’t help but feel this is the beginning of the end and it breaks my heart. Julia said “I wish he could stay in your belly forever where he would be safe.” Exactly. Terry and I are just so sad. Trying to remember that God is in control. God knows Thomas’s days and how […]