Advent, Ready or Not!

I’ve been really enjoying this extra little week between Thanksgiving and the First Sunday of Advent.  It’s been kind of nice not to have to dive from one holiday directly into the next, to have a bit of room to recollect and plan.  I’m going to be working through this book with the children this […]

A Quote For a Sunday

A saint is just an ordinary person who has been filled with the spirit of Christ.  The quality that distinguishes one saint from another is like that of the light streaming from lanterns made of different shades of glass.  Each human being is an unrepeatable individual, and to fail to become a saint is to […]

In Which We Draw Too Much Attention To Ourselves

As we entered the sanctuary, my eyes scanned the pews, just like always.  Our second-on-the-left pew was still unoccupied, but just in front, I noticed a pair of white-habited nuns.  We slid into our seats and I helped Evie pray with Jesus, then I leaned over and tapped a nun on the shoulder.  “Are you […]

A First Holy Communion

Today, Mr. Thomas received Holy Communion for the very first time!  I think his shy little self was a little nervous, but he’s happy, of course.  Father Christian is a visiting priest just for today.  He’s a Benedictine monk out of St. Meinrad’s Archabbey, and so he doesn’t do a whole lot of First Communions.  […]

Meatless Fridays

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to finally get us into the routine of meatless Fridays.  If you aren’t Catholic, it’s a devotion of sorts, a small deprivation performed for the sake of doing penance for our sins and those of others.  It’s really small.  It’s pretty easy.  But we couldn’t maintain it at […]

Choosing God

The other day, I mentioned that just because something happens, it doesn’t mean that God wills it.  It isn’t God’s will, for instance, that children get sick and die.  It isn’t God’s will that we commit violent crimes against each other.  It isn’t God’s will that some among us suffer hunger, homelessness, or loneliness.  It […]

Peanut Butter and Grace: A Review

Well.  I have been quite out of the blogging habit lately, yes?  I haven’t been doing a lot of things that matter to me, and I have been doing a lot of things that don’t, so I’m going to have to reevaluate and restructure things a little bit.  Or a lot.  But I promised somebody […]

Scripture Study: Isaiah

A few years ago, our parish – our whole archdiocese, actually – began participating in a small group study program called Why Catholic. Now, the whole Why Catholic program is terrible, all watered down and wishy-washy, but our group so enjoyed the fellowship and the food that we decided to keep meeting year round. We […]

Holy Thursday at My End of the Pew

There was mostly an older crowd at Mass tonight, and so the sanctuary was unusually quiet. It wasn’t so bad when Tommy fell asleep beside me, snoring softly through his spring-induced congestion. But then Evelyn got hungry. She slurped noisily and moaned contentedly with each swallow. And I, I just kept my head down, for […]

Party Like It’s Lent

So most people consider Lent a time of abstinence and sacrifice. We give things up – most notably dessert – in order to grow closer to Christ. We tried that for a few years, but it just made us sad. For one thing, we tend to show love with still-warm chocolate chip cookies and homemade […]