Meg is a favorite around here, sweet and innocent, fun-loving and interested, smart and open-minded. We were pretty stressed when she decided to grow up and get herself a driver’s license and a job. We know what kind of people are out there, and we really did not want her sweet self to be exposed to them! We need not have feared, though; whatever qualities make us want to protect her work on other people, too, and her coworkers look out for her as well as we would.

But the important thing today is that she got her braces off:


Isn’t she lovely?

Now I must go fold all that laundry on that couch back there, okay? I haven’t caught up from last week yet.  Between our new calf and our stomach bug, one of us has been run pretty ragged.  I even have a new lock of grays.

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  1. She’s so pretty! I mean her spirit shining out of her face, too, not just her actual prettiness 🙂

    Bless you as you recover your sanity after stomach bugs. I hate when I’m sick and I see the work piling up. . .

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