Field Trip: Jazz Music

Here we are, at the tiny auditorium at ECTC, waiting for the musicians to begin! (ipod-in-the-dark photo; sorry.)  Delaney met us there; she had a break between classes.

Brenna sent me a flyer yesterday for the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Quartet.  They were performing at the community college, and, since Henry really enjoys jazz, we decided to head over there on our lunch break and check it out.  What fun it was!  The performance focused on sharing different styles of jazz music, and educating us uninitiated listeners in proper etiquette (clapping after each solo AND at the end) and the arrangements and special features of the various songs.  We sat up front so there was a little space for Henry and Evie to dance, should the spirit move them.  Are you supposed to dance to jazz?  I don’t know; I can see it both ways in my head. 🙂

I, apparently, have completely overcome any vestiges of childhood shyness, because, on the way out, the pianist thanked me “for sitting in the front row and being…you.”  Ha!  I was tapping my foot and clapping my hands, swaying in time to music and bouncing babies rhythmically on my knee.  For some performances, you’re just required to sit quietly and enjoy, but for others, the performers feed off the audience, and then, well, being a good audience member requires actually engaging with the performers, and I was all in.

Anyway, they said they do a lot of school performances, so if you get an opportunity to attend one of their performances, I highly recommend!  We learned a lot in our hour, and were entertained, too!


The musicians are almost ready to begin! Jamey Aebersold Jazz Quartet