A Sneaky Trick to Get The House Cleaner

For Christmas, I bought Evie and Henry this set of child sized cleaning tools.  They love them!  Henry, especially, spends a fair amount of time sweeping things into his dustpan and carrying them to the trash.  But there’s only so much you can do with a broom.  Many, many moons ago, when my big kids were little kids, and we lived in a very tiny house in Illinois, we had a dustbuster.  Oh, how they loved that little vacuum!  They were in charge of cleaning under the table after meals, and tidying up little spills in the kitchen.  And I got to wondering, why do I not have a dustbuster now?  The answer is because I already own a small canister vacuum, but the dustbuster is particularly easy for little kids to use.  Nothing to plug in!

Evie vacuums under the table, which is actually a rather cheery and cozy spot. Just add pillows for instant fort!

Evie heard us talking about it, and she was getting quite excited about the prospect of a tiny vacuum just for her.  The next time we were at Walmart, we picked one out, brought it home, and charged it up.  Then I showed Evie how to work it and pointed out some potential victims lying about on the floor.  She loved it!  It has a clear container through which she can measure her success. (Look what I just sucked up, Mama!)  It’s easy to carry around and manipulate, even if you’re quite small, and it has a simple push button that you either hold down or you don’t.  No worrying about a hard-to-slide switch!  She asks for it all the time, and my floors are quite a bit cleaner than usual.  She even did the stairs!

Henry doesn’t care for it yet, as it still sounds like a scary vacuum, but that’s okay.  He can sweep the floor while she gets the carpets.  The best part is, they think they’re playing!  Sneaky mama.

We love Buster, our good and helpful friend.