Field Trip: Jazz Music

Brenna sent me a flyer yesterday for the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Quartet.  They were performing at the community college, and, since Henry really enjoys jazz, we decided to head over there on our lunch break and check it out.  What fun it was!  The performance focused on sharing different styles of jazz music, and educating […]

A Sneaky Trick to Get The House Cleaner

For Christmas, I bought Evie and Henry this set of child sized cleaning tools.  They love them!  Henry, especially, spends a fair amount of time sweeping things into his dustpan and carrying them to the trash.  But there’s only so much you can do with a broom.  Many, many moons ago, when my big kids […]


Meg is a favorite around here, sweet and innocent, fun-loving and interested, smart and open-minded. We were pretty stressed when she decided to grow up and get herself a driver’s license and a job. We know what kind of people are out there, and we really did not want her sweet self to be exposed […]