You Are Beloved

When I was growing up, I thought my mother was beautiful.  She didn’t go out very often, but once in a while, she’d break out her makeup case and get all fancied up, and we’d sit in the bathroom doorway, my sisters and I, mesmerized, as she did her eyes.  It seemed so magical, our beautiful mother achieving even greater heights of loveliness.  But she did not think she was beautiful, and any time she noticed a camera pointed her way, she’d make a funny face so that the image would be ruined.  She was – and still is – beautiful to us, and we will be sorry someday that we don’t have those photographs to look back on and remember her by.

We are all – men and women alike – so uncomfortable being photographed.  We’re so harsh on ourselves, about how we look and who we are, and that harshness forces us away from the camera.  But here’s the thing: We are beloved to someone, maybe even to many, but we are also finite.  At some point, a photograph will be the only thing left of us that our children can show to their children and grandchildren.  Is it not a gift to leave some images of ourselves behind for them?

It’s so easy nowadays to take self-portraits.  Just flip the camera around on your phone.  Get into the pictures with your children.  Those are their favorites, you know, the ones you were in, too.  And I promise you, you’re more beautiful than you think.  And to your children?  You are an unrivaled beauty queen.

PS: These aren’t phone photos.  These are both from my 365 project based on prompts from Capture Your 365.  But I take and post lots of “groupies” to instagram, where they get printed as chatbooks, and my children absolutely adore them.  Yours will, too.  ♥

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  1. Amy Haynes says:

    Love this.

  2. I so love that bottom photo. You are right. That will be cherished by them forever.

  3. This is beautiful and wise. You’re a very talented photographer and writer.

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