Art Day: Clay Figures

One: I love making art with the children.

Two: It’s not as hard or as messy as you might think!

Today, we used Crayola Air Dry Clay, and the “assignment” was to make a figure of any kind, as long as it had at least two legs that it could stand on.  No monopeds!  It did not have to be a real creature, and it could have as many additional legs as desired.

Penny thought she’d add legs later, but discovered that her duck was really too big for anything that might reasonably go beneath said duck, so hers did not quite fulfill the requirements.  I think it’s pretty nice anyway, though!

Tommy’s is a six-legged whatchamacallit.

They worked for about 40 minutes, and it was another 10 to clean up and wipe down the table.  While we worked, the little two (ages almost 4 and 2) squished and pounded their own balls of clay, which got put back in the container when we were done, so this can be a family activity if you have littles around.  And even mom can play!

I made a bear.  He’s kind of cute.  🙂

PS: I really love this clay!  It’s smooth and fine to work with, and there’s no need to bake it when done.  It’s paintable when dry, and easy to clean off of hands and tables.  And it’s pretty easy to find in the wild, although you really can’t beat mail order for convenience!


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  1. Good to know! I always avoided doing clay at home – was grateful to SS teachers and art teachers at school for taking this on, but thanks for the recommendation.

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