You Are Beloved

When I was growing up, I thought my mother was beautiful.  She didn’t go out very often, but once in a while, she’d break out her makeup case and get all fancied up, and we’d sit in the bathroom doorway, my sisters and I, mesmerized, as she did her eyes.  It seemed so magical, our […]

Winter Weather

It’s hit or miss, here in Kentucky, whether we actually get a real winter or not.  Many years, the precipitation is mostly rain, the ground is always squashy and muddy, and the skies maintain a steady shade of gray.  Some years, it snows.  I like snow years best of all, because it’s probably colder, and […]

The Day My Dog Fell Through the Ice

I love my dog. I love my dog like I have never loved another dog before. She’s brave and devoted and smart.  She kills small predators in the night.  She keeps mean dogs away.  She barks at strangers with such ferocity that they fear to get out of their cars.  She waits for us to […]

In A Word

It’s becoming a bit of a thing to choose a word to use to define and focus the upcoming year.  I’ve been casting around for one for a few weeks, since I started working on my 2018 planner, but nothing has really felt right, so I gave up on it. But then I found my […]