Feast or Famine

I’m shipping out my baskets for free this week, through the 18th. I can usually ship pretty quickly, but I want to make sure you have your stuff by Christmas!

I haven’t done any sewing in a while – since the whole bazaar incident, actually – and I’ve been looking forward to working again while Henry naps.  My “yarn” supplies are pretty low, though. I’ve been waiting for the hardware store to get more in, but yesterday, when I checked, they’d filled the shelves up with some other oddball ropes! It’s a small-town store, with pretty fabulous customer service, so I hunted down the manager and explained the situation while dramatically waving around the wrong kinds of rope for punctuation purposes. We went over to the computer and placed an order. My new rope should be in tomorrow.

I had dyed some dark blue early in November, and it came out like a soft pair of blue jeans. It was gorgeous. And it sold out at the bazaar before anything else. The blues and grays were the most popular, and I really like them, too. I had more gray ready to go, and some lilac, too, for my purple loving Meggie girl.  Those have been all used up now – and two even sold already! Next week, when my fresh “yarn” comes in, I’ll dye some more blue, and also some red, I think, and a shade of brown. Because you know what? The dying is my favorite part.

We’ve been having crazy cold weather here. I think we’re already at our high for the day, and it isn’t even sunrise yet. It’s a nice time for making things, isn’t it?

A photo from warmer, sunnier days, though I think was the last of the wildflowers hardy enough to take the late autumn weather.