Park Day – Again

I think we must have walked at least five miles today, and at a pretty brisk pace, too.  We picked up a chatty guest at one point, and I guess I was moving too fast for him, because he dropped out after about half a mile.  I caught up to him again on the way back out.  Evie walked most of that on her own two little feet, so she gets credit for ten miles.  (If she takes two steps to my one, she has to use twice the energy to go the same distance, so that’s only fair, right?)

Tommy was disappointed that he missed the park yesterday, and Henry had been napping during our feed run.  Since the weather is unusually fine today, I figured we wouldn’t waste it in the living room, so back to the park we went!  There are a lot of people there in the morning.  Everybody seems to know everybody else, and it’s all quite sociable, really.  My chatty friend and I hooked up because we were both sporting fancy cameras and we stopped to compare notes.  Then he continued on with his theories about Egyptology and how the Catholic Church has things all wrong.

I smiled at him and raised an eyebrow.  “I’m Catholic, you know…”  Ha!  He apologized for telling me all these things that would ruin the faith for me, and I told him, “If this enough to destroy my faith, it wasn’t much of a faith to begin with!”  The truth is that I’ve had a direct encounter with Jesus, and I’ve seen genuine miracles, and it is really of no consequence what other information I might acquire; Jesus is God, Jesus performs miracles, and I’m standing pretty firm on that.  Also, I looked up some of his claims, and, well, they’re wildly off base even if you approach religious studies from a strictly academic standpoint.  🙂

He spent a fair bit of the conversation letting me know how smart he was, and you must always take those people with a grain of salt, no?

Ah, but it was a lovely day.  Bright sun, warm air, water, woods, and happy children.  The only thing I don’t understand is why we don’t do this more often.

Henry insisted on the blue tutu today. 🙂