Henry at Nineteen Months

Henry is officially nineteen months old as of yesterday, and he’s just about the most charming person I’ve ever met.  He’s crazy affectionate, but he loves me in odd ways.  He’ll climb up behind me and wrap his arms around me, then turn my head so he can kiss my cheek, for example.  He spent almost the entire movie last night sitting beside me, but with his cheek pressed against mine.  (I was laying down.)  He sleeps a lot better now; for the past week or two, I’ve seldom needed to go upstairs, though he does wake and cry briefly once in a while.  By the time I’ve gotten him a drink of water, though, he’s quiet again, and I go back to bed.  Many nights, though, we sleep right through till morning.  (Bliss!)

He can get himself up and down the stairs without falling, but once he’s climbed up on something, he might lose track of things and fall over backwards, so you have to watch him pretty closely.  He fell off a bench and onto the kitchen floor last night, smacking the back of his sweet head on the hard tiles. 🙁   He loves to go to the barn with me, and I’ve let him out of the wagon so he can wander around and interact with the animals.  He genuinely adores the cows and, oddly enough, the cows really like him, too!  I’m kind of surprised at Sunshine, because she has always been terrified of small people, but she’s patient and gentle with Henry, and as long as the dog isn’t around, Henry is fairly safe near her.  (I keep a close eye and a ready reach, though, because she is a really big cow and he is a very small boy.)

My favorite is his style of speech.  He understands, well, I can’t think of anything he doesn’t understand!  But he isn’t able quite yet to speak as many things as he hears.  He’s good at “no”, and, depending on the way the head moves or the quality of the smile, “no” might be “yes”, so you have to pay attention.  He can count to three and he can say “go”, and they often go together, but, lately, he’s been singing a song that consists entirely of “na-na-na-na” in a tune of his own imagining, and that ends with “go!”.  “Go” also comes right after “ready”.  Of course.  He can say “eat”, and “thank you” and “God bless you”.  He says “please”, but it sounds like “cheese”, so when he actually wants some cheese, he says, “Cheese, cheese!”  The thing I like the best, though, is that he combines sound effects with his words to indicate particular things.  The milking machine goes, “SSSSSSS!” when you release the vacuum.  The glass cleaner goes “Ch, ch, ch” when you pull the trigger.  He’s got a whole host of sound effects, and he’s faster at acquiring accurate sounds than words, and they freely intermix in his dialogue.

And for the ultimate in heart-melting sweetness, the child will not eat without first praying over his food.  When he’s given something, he folds his hands and looks expectantly at the nearest person until said person notices and helps him pray a Bless Us O Lord.  Then he takes his fist and taps his chest three times for the Sign of the Cross.  How cute is that?

Henry is a pretty great little boy, and nineteen months is looking pretty good on him.