Haircut Day!

All my boys are looking pretty cute, but Penelope is my masterpiece. All I did was trim her bangs, really, but she was highly resistant.  She wanted to keep her ponytail.  And she didn’t want bangs because they look babyish.  So I evened up the raggedy ends, I combed forward the part I thought should be banged, and I stepped back.  She peered at me through her hair for a moment, and then I said, “Okay.  I think I know what to do.”  I snipped her bangs even with the top of her nose, right between her eyes, and they sprang up to brush her eyebrows just so.  Perfect!  Long enough to be a little more grown up, short enough to stay out of her face.  And she’s happy, which is the most important thing.  My two specialty cuts are on the agenda for tomorrow, and then I’m done with hair till the new year!