Advent, Ready or Not!

I’ve been really enjoying this extra little week between Thanksgiving and the First Sunday of Advent.  It’s been kind of nice not to have to dive from one holiday directly into the next, to have a bit of room to recollect and plan.  I’m going to be working through this book with the children this year.  It’s very sweet, with scriptures, activities and songs for each day of December.  We’ll also be enjoying Walk This World at Christmastime along with some cultural stories from our rather substantial collection of Christmas books.  We’re also going to have a little Hannukah party!  We’re not Jewish, of course, but a little story, the dreidel game, some chocolate gelt, and our favorite potato latkes will make for a festive day.  Also, the original Christians were actually Jews, so it’s all in the family, right?  We also have a St. Nicholas celebration on the morning of the sixth, and, of course, the Immaculate Conception on the eighth.  Busy month!  And I’m not even trying that hard.

Back in August, I bought tickets to various performances for assorted members of the family.  This month, we’ll be seeing a live performance of the Nutcracker for the first time.  It’s my holiday favorite.  I can pretty much put the Nutcracker Suite on endless repeat and happily clean and bake my way all the way to Christmas.

And you know what else?  It’s been my life-long dream as a mother to finish my Christmas shopping by Advent.  I have just a few more gifts to buy, perhaps today, and then I will be done.  Mission accomplished!  It’ll probably never happen again, but it’s happening now.  🙂