It Is October

It is October, but you’d hardly know it by the weather; even though the humidity is way down, we are still enjoying a fair number of 80° days, and there are many more in the forecast.  It hasn’t rained in ages, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to.  You know what that means?  We ditch our bookish pursuits and enjoy the out of doors every moment we can.

Personally, I’ve never really enjoyed the autumn months; I’ve always been a summer girl.  I love the heat, the greens of the earth, the brilliant blue of the sky, wild storms, long days, barbecues, and laughing children.  But somehow, as I grow older, I find myself leaning toward endings.  And October is very much an ending, don’t you think?  In a few more weeks, the leaves will change and fall.  The pale blue sky will fill with grey clouds.  A cold, steady drizzle will chill us and send us scrambling for seats near the wood stove.  Rain might give way to snow, or ice.  Bare limbs will poke into a desolate sky.  Noses and fingertips will tingle with cold before we can get back in from chores, which take ever so much longer in the winter time.

Oh, yes, October is an ending, the end of all that is good and beautiful in the world.  So I am soaking up these last lovely days with the people I love the best.  There will be plenty of time for our more formal studies later, when dreary winter comes along.  Now is the time for nature walks and pumpkin farms and last trips to the zoo.  Before it’s too late.

PS: Winter isn’t my favorite.