Evie’s Spider Rescue Service

Links are affiliate links! And the books are really great. They are charming, well-illustrated, fact-filled, and just all around delightful. We love them! However, they do have certain side effects…

“I’m coming downstairs!” Evie called. “I have a spider!”

“What do you mean you have a spider?” I asked, trying to act casual.

“I have a spider on my hand,” she said. “I’m bringing him downstairs!”

And there it was, running round and round on her hand. Then it crawled up her arm. It disappeared into her armpit. “Where did it go?!” I asked, sounding a little less casual.

She laughed. “It’s on my face!” And there it was, crawling up her cheek! She squinched her eyes shut, still giggling. I reached out and flipped it off her face. And into my waiting hand.

The spider sat there for a moment, catching it’s breath. It had been running for a very long time by now, and it was very tired. I helped Evie down the rest of the stairs with my free hand, while cradling the weary spider with my other. Then, refreshed, it started running again, around my hand, and then up my arm.

“Here, let me take it,” Evie said, and she caught up the spider again. It stopped once more to reevaluate it’s situation. We carried it outside and found a friendly spot to release it. “Goodbye, little spider!” she called after it.

I have entered new territory with this child. I’ve never had to love spiders and centipedes and beetles before. But Evie loves them so. The other morning, her daddy squished a beetle on the floor and Evie bent over it and cried real tears, wailing, “You killed it! I can’t live like this!”

“How could you?!” I scolded. He just looked at me, baffled.

One evening, she sat down in my lap with a book. “Let’s find out if I’m an ant,” she said, and I know these books are to blame for encouraging this affection and compassion for all things insect. (And arachnid.) And it’s contagious. I know that, too, because this afternoon, when she came downstairs with another spider, somebody else picked it up and helped her rescue it. Two somebodies, actually. Evie is showing us that spiders in particular, and insects in general, aren’t scary and don’t need to be squished, vacuumed, swatted or swept away. Maybe we can just live and let live.

So the other morning, when a centipede scurried across the living room, I took a sip of coffee and said, “Hey, dude. Have a nice day.”

A late summer golden orb weaver from last year. Evie’s specimens were much smaller.

Save If you want to finish up a cute little spider unit, we recommend:
Saint Felix and the Spider
Spinning Spiders
Cloth Lullaby
And then maybe this super cute circle weaving project? Evie got the hang of under-skip! in just a few rounds, and she’s three, so this can be done with pretty young children if you’re a wee bit patient. You might have seen ours on instagram a little while back. They came out amazing.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long!  Let’s see if I can get my writing groove back on.  I’m not going to push it, but I’ve been sitting on a few things for quite a while, and Henry does take regular naps. Thankfully.

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  1. I love this story so much! Even though I’m terrified of spiders. 🙂

    1. Ha! This was your first comment. 🙂 They aren’t so scary, once you get to know them. 😉

  2. Anne Neulieb says:

    We LOVE those books too! They are just perfect for 3, 4, 5. Some of Emma’s favorites right now.

    1. They’re amazing! I do not know how I found them or why I overlooked them, but we love them.

  3. My husband is a lifelong bug lover. I have slowly over the years adopted his “live and let live” attitude towards them, though occasionally the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling get to me and I override his protests and sweep them down. We have tons of huge spiders here in fall, and I am pretty good about just letting them be. One lived in the emergency drain hole in the bathroom sink for a while last year. He’d come out and mess around in the sink, then go back to his hole. I told the kids as a joke that it was my pet spider, and they told my husband. “You’ve changed,” he said. “A few years ago you would have killed that spider without a second thought.” I would have. But why? He’s not hurting anyone, as long as you don’t mind him watching you wash your hands. I don’t pick them up though. I do draw the line there.

    1. Too funny, Emily! I’d say we’re in the same boat. 🙂

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