Story Purgatory

I have officially survived my first story hour in, oh, forever. Generally speaking, I’m pretty sure story hour is purgatory. It drives me crazy the way the librarian adds so much commentary to the story that she might as well not even be reading the book. My practical personality dislikes the pointless activities. And rude children permitted to run amok simply because it’s a children’s program? Don’t even get me started!

So I signed the two little ones up for Toddler Story Time, knowing full well what I was getting into. But you know what? Except for the librarian over-embellishing the book, it wasn’t too bad. Henry wandered, Evie cut and glued and colored like her life depended on it, and I got to just focus on them for a little while, which was nice. I kind of like them, and they love to be liked. ♥

Storytime crafts with Evie! There was a surprising amount of cutting involved for the 0-3 set; fortunately, Evie’s scissor skills are pretty advanced. 🙂  These were precut, but she did her own beehive (not pictured).
Don’t you just love the way she colors with her tongue out? (Full disclosure: I helped a little.)
Henry didn’t cut or color or dance, but he did listen to the story. And he was super happy when he got his free banana from Kroger afterwards. He must have been hungry!

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  1. Linda Russell says:

    They are beautiful, adorable and super cute. I can’t wait to see them. Love you all so very much and miss you every day!!!

  2. They are both darling. Evie looks so proud of her crafts.

    Our Krogers have started the free fruit, too! I’m not sure if they like my crew of 6 coming through and wiping them out, but I can’t tell one of them they can’t have any. Krogers has gotta deal with big families if they are going to give out free fruit. My kids love it; even if I have a case of bananas at home you had better believe, we get our free one when we go for groceries!

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