My Work Here Is Done

I moved Henry upstairs on Sunday night.  He woke up just as often as usual, and returned to sleep again as usual, which is to say, he went back down easily the first time, but we were both up and sad at 4am.  He was a bear on Monday morning.  He was picking on poor Evie, but I was pretty cranky myself and didn’t realize it right away.  I just heard a lot of whining, a lot of fighting, and I laid down a lot of blanket scoldings.  I had to apologize to Evie for my frustration level later, and she smiled and said, “That’s okay, mama.  I still love you.”  Lucky me!

Monday night, he slept straight through!  Well, almost.  He woke up at 5am when Laney got up to shower before work.  I soothed him back to sleep and all was well.  Then Rosie got up just before six.  I soothed him again, but it didn’t take as well.  When Meggie got up at a quarter after, he was done for.  We went to the zoo on Tuesday, because we didn’t need to stay home with our cranky selves, no sirree.  He napped in the car on the way there and on the way back.

On Tuesday night, he slept straight through, AND he slept through all the showers, and he woke up happy at about 7:20.  Yes!  Steady – and rapid – progression to the end goal of sleeping!

On another happy note, he had regressed a little at naptime, but he’s back to sleeping a solid 2.5-3 hours again.

The moving process went better than I thought it would.  The reality is that Henry only wants me if he can see me, and if he can’t see me, he’s perfectly happy without me.

So I guess we’re done.  Maybe needing a little catch-up sleep, but mission accomplished.