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I don’t often get to take a bubble bath anymore, thanks to my two later-in-life babies, but I committed to enjoying one on Thursday night, since Henry has been doing so much better this week.  He did wake at his usual 45 minutes after going to sleep, but he cried only briefly and then settled right back in.  I enjoyed the end of my book in the hot water and gave thanks to the Lord on high for a little bit of breathing room.  I love these children more than anything, but I also really, really appreciate some quiet time with my own self!

I woke at midnight to the sounds of Henry’s lusty screams.  David was just finishing up in the bathroom; did he make some loud noise that startled the baby?  Was it the light?  “Hush, Henry,” I spoke aloud, and he calmed down, but forty minutes later, he was back at it.  I didn’t nurse him, but I did pick him up and take him to bed with me.  We fell asleep there together, and I moved him back into his own bed at 3.  He didn’t wake until 7AM, and that is the very first night he has not nursed at all.  I have mixed emotions about that, but he’s nursing several times during the day, so I don’t have to worry about weaning too much yet.  (He does not care for a cup at this time.  We’re working on it!)


I had some errands to run in town, and, due to his early waking, Henry fell asleep in the car on the way home, at 10:30.  He must have been really tired, because we removed him from his car seat, passed him around, carried him inside, undressed him, and laid him in his bed, all without disturbing him.  He slept for a little more than an hour.  After lunch, the mail lady delivered his new stuffed animal that I hoped he’d love, and he did!  When he got sleepy again, I nursed him, but he was still kind of excited, so I let him go back out to play.  Later, I laid him down in his bed still awake, and he played with his puppy for a while, then fell asleep.  He cried again a little at the 45 minute mark, but settled back to sleep.

He was still a little bit awake at bedtime, too, but he went to sleep on his own, and at 45 minutes, he was restless, but did not cry out at all.  He still woke up screaming at 12:40, and just like the night before, he quieted for about 40 minutes, then started up again.  I held him in bed till he was very calm and sleepy again, and then put him back in his own bed, but it was after 2am, so we lost a bit of sleep.  He slept until 7:30.


We’re making it, and that’s great!  I think I can now officially claim my evenings back, meaning I don’t have to go to bed early with a tired, cranky, nursing baby if I don’t want to, and, really, most of the time, I don’t want to.  Now we just have to work our way through that mid-night scream-fest we’ve been having, but as of right now, he can go to sleep by himself and stay asleep through that first awakening.  If he makes it through that, he’s good for about four hours.  I might try nursing him at that midnight waking, if it goes like that again tonight.  If it gets him back to sleep more quickly, but doesn’t cause other disturbances, that’d be okay.  I think he needs the hydration anyway.

That’s where we’re at, four nights into a fairly gentle cry-it-out effort.  This works faster than I thought it would.

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  1. Anne Neulieb says:

    Yay! So glad it working!! My middle three all cried it out for a single night some time around a year and that was that. Of course we looooove pacifiers around here so that helps. I’m so glad you’ll be back to a full night sleep most nights soon!

    1. Several of mine have not taken to pacifiers! Or thumbs! I like thumbs better because they’re easier to find in the dark, but Henry and Evie haven’t enjoyed either one, so I’m up the creek in that regard.

  2. I wonder if he can be having night terrors at his age? The screaming part makes me wonder. Most children wouldn’t wake up and scream unless no one answered their cries. Faith had night terrors and she screamed until we could finally get her truly awake, but I don’t remember at what age she started.

  3. We thought about nightmares and being afraid of the dark, but I just looked up night terrors, and, oh, my. My eldest started sleepwalking when she was two, so I think something like this would not be outside the realm of possibility – family predisposition and all. I hope that’s not it! Last night was quiet, so I hope this is just something we have to love and grow our way through.

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