Henry is One!

Today is Henry’s first birthday.  I read somewhere once, when I was a young, energetic, idealistic mother, that the first birthday is not about the baby.  It is for the parents, a celebration of their survival of the first and most difficult year.  I know I have been looking forward to this milestone for many months!

Henry has, too. He has seen many birthdays in this past year, and he has been practicing blowing, and ripping, and clapping, and yaying. I thought he would have been very prepared for his own big day, but when he was finally in the spotlight, he barely knew what to do! And he was so smitten with his first gift that he thought he’d save the rest for later.  (Davey actually opened the little toy stuffed in his fist.)  That’s okay.  We have enough cake to celebrate again when his sisters get home tonight!  Speaking of cake…

This morning, I was wondering how to get him a cake, as our oven won’t light just now. I thought I’d just buy one at the grocery store, but Davey suggested we get an ice cream cake. That way, I wouldn’t feel so badly about not baking. He’s a good man, no? Plus, ice cream. 😉

Happy birthday, Henry!

(In case you want to finish out a hedgehog theme of your own, here’s a cute book.)

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  1. Love that picture with that man of yours smiling and Henry looking right at you! You’re a good woman, Jennie Cooper!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Happy birthday sweet Henry!

  3. Alice Gunther says:

    Happy birthday, dear baby!

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