Evie and the Chicks

It was nearly a month ago now that we were collecting eggs in trays for the incubator.  Evie, as Evie is wont to do, kept playing with the eggs.  “I need those for the incubator,” I told her, “so I need you to quit playing with them.  If they break, they can’t turn into chickens.”

She laughed.  “Eggs can’t turn into chickens!” She was incredulous that I could even think such a thing!

So I gave Evie her own six eggs, and we put them in the “elevator” and we waited.  We waited for so long that some of us forgot all about them!  Then, on Wednesday morning, when most of them had hatched, she looked into that incubator and squealed, “Mama!  You eggs turned into chicks!”  She was amazed that such a thing could happen!

I always am, too, actually.  Life is such a miracle.  Oh, yes, I know.  There’s a scientific explanation for how it happens.  But I once read a story about a scientist and how he reconciles his faith in God with his work.  “The miracle,” he said, “isn’t in how it happens, but that it can happen at all.”

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  1. Beautiful!
    And so very true. : )

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