Artisan Bread For Sandwiches

I love grilled cheese sandwiches.  I make them all kinds of ways, with just plain cheese (seldom American), with added vegetables and herbs, sometimes even with a slice of lunch meat.  I love the warm, melty, crispy, butteriness.  Grilled cheese is an utterly satisfying sandwich, with or without a side of soup.  (I usually prefer without.)  The bread, though, can make or break the sandwich, and I don’t know of anything at the grocery store capable of producing the grilled cheese sandwich of my dreams.  I need a bread sturdy enough to stand up to the weight of a panini press, a bread with superior crisping abilities, a bread so sure of itself that it doesn’t mind being sliced thin.

Artisan bread to the rescue!

But an artisan French-style loaf, the kind I usually make, is too small!  I need to make too many sandwiches, and my fillings sometimes dribble out – especially sauted mushrooms and onions.  So sad.  And so, for the best grilled cheese, I make my artisan bread…bigger!

My family gifted me with these hearth bread pans, and they are perfectly sized to hold a full six-cups-of-flour recipe of artisan bread dough.  I melt 1/4 cup of butter, pour half in the bottom of the pan, shape the dough, and put it in the pan.  Slash the top, pour the rest of the butter on, then bake at 400° for 40 minutes, give or take a few.  No need to add steam.  I remove it from the pan as soon as it’s done so that the crust doesn’t get soggy.

Ah.  Perfection.




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  1. Amy Haynes says:

    Oh I miss grilled cheese!! I’m eating low carb to lose weight and I don’t eat much bread. Try this grilled cheese out. It’s my favorite!!

    3oz cream cheese
    1/2 c mayo
    2 c cheddar
    2 c mozzarella
    1/2 tsp garlic powder
    1/2 tsp season salt
    1/4 pepper

    Mix it up and keep refrigerated. It usually never lasts more than one day!!

    I enjoy your posts.


    1. OH, that sounds good, Amy! Thank you for the recipe and the compliment. 😊

  2. Alice Gunther says:

    This looks beautiful.

  3. KristyB says:

    I enjoy grilled cheese but have felt stifled by the typical American cheese fare. I usually make mine with mozzarella but that gets old too. Amy’s recipe – especially paired with your bread – sounds delicious!

    1. I often use provolone with a thin slice of tomato, or sautéed mushrooms and onions. Brie is good, too. :/)

    2. Randall R. Goedel says:

      I really can’t stand American cheese anymore. I have been buying blocks of Tillamook mild cheddar from Sam’s and then shredding it in my food processor.

  4. Do you still grind your own flour?

    1. Not so much right now, Anne. I’m using disposable diapers, I buy most of my bread, I put my laundry in the dryer most of the time… Henry has taken so much of my time this past year, I’ve really been just about survival. I hope to get back to baking by the fall (it’s already pretty warm here) but I figure disposable diapers aren’t so bad. 😉

  5. Well that makes sense for sure! I just wasn’t sure if you were making this bread with freshly ground wheat. I find it bakes so differently than the unbleached all-purpose from the store. But I have successfully used half fresh and half store bought in the Five Minutes a Day recipe and the kids still eat it up! I’m out of wheatberries at the moment though.

    1. Fresh flour really is so much different to work with, and I haven’t had any success with it in this bread, so I’m glad you have! I just accept a certain amount of white flour in my life. 😄

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