Penny’s Two-Year Crowniversary

Okay, so it was really her tenth birthday, but the crown!  She remembered with joy the day, exactly two years ago, that she received this very crown as a birthday gift.  Oh, those were good times.

Waiting for presents!


A rare photo of big brother Jon smiling. 🙂


New clothes! From the thrift store! Do you gift thrifted items?


Oh, my, but the wrappings are tasty.


Barbie things!


Mama and Henry. ♥


Happy Crowniversary, everyone!


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  1. Do we gift thrifted items?! Of course! My mom is the queen of Goodwill Christmas gifts. I have zero qualms about it myself. I do try to have at least one new/handmade gift.

    Happy Birthday, Penelope!

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