Winter Insanity, Version 20.17

“Have you ever thought of putting an addition on, right over here in the front corner of the house?  We could access it through the current front door.  We’d just need a new front door.”

He looked at me cautiously. “Um, yes…but what would we use it for?”

“A library,” I said with satisfaction.  He nodded thoughtfully, careful not to give the impression of approval.  “I need to move my school room back into the house,” I added.

We’ve been talking about that for a while.  It’s in a good-sized room in an outbuilding that was clearly meant to be an apartment of some sort at some time.  But there isn’t any plumbing, or heat, or the amenities of home, so it’s hard to go to the bathroom, wash paintbrushes, have a snack, or put the baby down for a nap.

After a moment of this thoughtful nodding, he asked, “What would this do to our mortgage repayment plan?”

Ah.  There it is.  A library/schoolroom or home ownership.  I hung them both on the Scale of Desire, and home ownership won.  But just barely.  A room entirely filled with books is extremely alluring.

Plan B.  Really, I just need more bookshelves.

And some fresh paint.

I think paint and bookshelves won’t derail that mortgage payoff plan too much.

I’d also like to thank God that we’re both different kinds of crazy.  We keep each other in balance, and that’s a very, very good thing.

Too many books? Or too few book shelves?


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  1. I’d say too many books ;), but that’s because I just don’t value having a ton of books like many people I know and love do. I already feel overwhelmed with all the other “stuff” in our house, that books upon books doesn’t really do it for me. But sometimes I wish I could appreciate them more. My father-in-law built a wall of bookshelves in the dining room of their house and it was overflowing with stacks of books from the start. And it’s a really long set of built-ins. Hopefully this plan will help tide you over until your greater dream can be realized.

  2. I feel like real books are going by the wayside. We have electronic versions now, and they don’t take up any room at all, what with a kindle holding thousands of volumes, but it’s not the same to me. I don’t read my kindle the same way that I read a book. It stresses me out to not have the physical feedback of a hard copy. Also, when the kids see me reading my kindle vs. a book, they can’t tell the difference between that and the computer or phone. For all they know, I’m hanging out on facebook. So it’s a modeling thing for me, too.

    I’ve also noticed that public libraries are morphing into “media centers”, and sharing books is no longer their primary purpose. I don’t have access that way, and haven’t for years, to the books I want to read and want my kids to read. As a matter of fact, our local library deletes books that haven’t been checked out in three years, and they delete a lot of books! They have a constantly rotating collection, so the book I read today might – probably – won’t be there when I want one of my students to read it.

    But, the bottom line, really, is that I just love books! The library has been my happy place since childhood, and I’d rather have book clutter than any other kind. 🙂

  3. Ah, home additions. It’s always a many sided issue…like money and debt. I’m third guardian to my handicapped brother, so when my parents are unable to care for him someday, he will come here. We have only 3 bedrooms now. We know where we can add, and we will someday when the need seems more immediate. Sometimes we discuss adding sooner-like now. But there’s remodels that need doing first. And the house is already 2500sqft, which feels like too much to clean for me. I really don’t want another room. Yet a schoolroom sounds alluring, lined with books. Or a small chapel-a quiet, uncluttered place to pray.
    I’d love to pay off this farm immediately, but it would empty our retirement funds. On one hand, we’re young and have plenty of time to rebuild it, but it still seems possibly foolish. Thinking about how fast that $900/month would save up is tempting, though!
    Everyone needs more bookshelves. And more books. Preferably old books with a story to them beyond the one printed in them. I’ve been looking at walls lately with an eye for placing more shelves. It makes Anthony uneasy. 😋 Also, I hate how libraries remove the old books. It’s criminal. I LOVE some of those books, and they don’t have a system in place that could notify me so I could buy the books straight from the library instead of them getting sent to the citywide sale. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  4. Um, more shelves, duh! Lol!!

  5. I have a great love of real books, but I recently went through my bookshelves and found quite a few destined never to be used again. I donated religious ones to our church’s book sale, and some (youth titles) to a little sister down in Alabama trying to start a library for her little school. The rest I sold (for almost nothing) at the second-hand book store, and it hardly looks like I made a dent.

    I’m glad you’re not making long-term homeschool room plans. Before you know it you’ll be down to two or three and can easily move it in the house.

    1. I plan to keep the library, though, for I plan to have a lot of grandchildren, and they will need books to learn from, too. 🙂

      1. I have an entire bookshelf of picture books and early chapter books for my grandchildren, but I figured by the time they are reading middle and late elementary school, they’ll have their own likes. I probably should have saved some of my saint biographies, but the little sister had a need greater than I.

        1. I figure a great book is a great book. Timeless. And they go out of print so quickly, too, and become so much more difficult to find. And I really, really love books. Building our library has been – and still is – a labor of love. 🙂

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