The Lost Week?

I haven’t been around this week, not online, and not in person! I’ve spent every single spare minute redoing the living room. Except we aren’t calling a living room anymore. Nope! It’s a library now!

I’ve repainted all the walls a nice, sunny yellow. We built and painted several new bookshelves. I moved all of the books in the living room to the new shelves so I could paint behind the old shelves, and now I have to move them all back. But as I move them back, I’m scanning them into the libib app. (I have another one, called Book Crawler, but libib is so much faster! And I have thousands of books. Bonus: It’s free!) I expect that I can use this catalog to (a) keep myself from buying multiple copies of the same title, (b) use our books more effectively for lessons, and (c) find the books when I actually want them! I have a plan involving colored sticky dots that will hopefully get books shelved properly. At the very least, it should make it easier to find the ones I want in the crowd!

These books have already been catalogued.  It’s not many.  And I have to bring in all the volumes in the school room, too.  Oh, and lots of them can’t be scanned due to being old, so I have to manually enter those.  You know what?  You probably shouldn’t expect to see me much next week, either.

However, I will try to resume the making of a daily photograph.  I did not pick up my camera all week, and that makes me a little sad.

In other news, I mentioned that I have not left home this week.  Henry has been getting his Zantac somewhat sporadically (I can’t remember to give it to him twice a day!) but he’s been getting a nap every day at noon.  He and Evie sleep for about two hours, and then he’s up until around 7:30, and he’s been sleeping much better!  Is it the medicine, or is it the routine?  I don’t know, but I do know that Friday and Saturday had me out running errands, and he fell asleep in the car both times, took a short nap, fell asleep again around dinner time, and then slept poorly all night.  He’s down for his noon nap now, and if he sleeps well tonight, I think I’ll have my answers.  Keep him up all morning so he’s tired enough for one good nap, then keep him up again until bedtime.  It means I have to stay home most of the time, but that’s why God invented Amazon, right?  If only I could get the groceries delivered.


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  1. Grocery delivery!! I have missed that a few times since Lyla has been born but not too terribly much. Still when we lived in Oak Park it was so super convenient to grocery shop online and have it delivered fresh to my door. Novelty!

    Also I love all your shelves soooo much. I can’t wait until the day when we have a room we can call the library. Right now our books are in some shelves, crates, cabinets, and boxes in nearly every room of the house…not very pretty or useful.

    Good luck with all your cataloging. That sounds useful, too!

  2. Melanie says:

    Same with the books! I have been slowly unpacking my book since the move because I’m putting them into library thing (also free) as I unpack them. Our loft will be the library…though it’s tiny. Lots of shelves but not room for much else.

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