Unnatural Light

People always advertise that they are “natural light photographers”, and it seems like one of those things to aspire to.  I mean, it’s natural!  It’s a really great buzzword, like organic! Or, GMO-free!  And what kind of a person doesn’t want organic photographs?  One photography blog advertises that they’ll help you find the light in your home with their free e-course, and I love the beautiful shadows in the sample photographs, but… I live in a berm house.  I have very few windows, and even fewer that ever see the sun.  There is almost no natural light in my home, and what are the chances of getting the children to casually play in a rare sunbeam like they do it every day so I can photograph our every day life in natural light?  Slim to none, and slim just left town.

So (and I’m taking a deep breath here, referencing my previous post about being good enough, and diving in) since I am a photographer, I bought myself an inexpensive light kit.  Yesterday, I had a chance to set one of the stands up and practice on the available children.  The absent children were so impressed, they asked to have their portraits made when they came home.  And me?  I was in heaven, because I love to photograph my children!

Here’s a glimpse at our bed-sheet and umbrella lamp “studio”:

And a gallery of some of the portraits I made yesterday:

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I think they’re beautiful, and I can’t wait to practice more with the lights, to learn all their secrets. 😉

Before I go, here’s one of my little helper.  His job is to keep the lens cap lubricated and make sure the light stands are well-balanced and sturdy.  He’s really good at his jobs.

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  1. Beckie R. says:

    I was just about to wonder why the lens cap needed lubrication, then I scrolled and voila! Of course! That’s why lens caps need to be lubricated! I love you all dearly and so very much wish we were near neighbors for weekly visits 🙂

  2. Linda Russell says:

    Oh my goodness, the pictures are beautiful. I so love seeing pictures of my beautiful Cooper Grandchildren. I am with Beckie – I do so wish we lived closer. I miss you all so very much and love you more than you will ever know.

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