In Which The Library Lets Me Down – But I Should Have Known Better

Library programs are kind of hit or miss for me.  Sometimes, they have something amazing, like a shark tank, or the bullwhip guy, or a raptor rescue team, or – my all-time favorite – the Impossible Magic show, but most of the time….  If Hell is personalized for each individual sinner, mine would be library story hour.  It’ll probably be my Purgatory, too.

Evie works at sticking sticky gems to a cardboard frame.

I’d signed up the little girls to go to a “Shimmer and Shine Party” at the library.  In my head, I was thinking princesses and dress up and I don’t know what else.  I was thinking mother-daughter bonding.  But it turns out that Shimmer and Shine is a Nick Jr. television show.  You probably already know that, but I was caught unawares, and so I was disappointed.  I just always think things should have some sort of edifying purpose, and I believe very much that the library should be about books, not books about television.

Also, I detest “crafts”.  Now craft, in the truest sense of the word, is a good thing.  It’s an activity involving both skill and creativity which produces something that is beautiful and useful.  It’s a step down – or up, depending on you viewpoint – from “art”, which tends to drop the usefulness factor.  Although it’s really easy to buy a kit from the craft store, I think even children’s cut-and-glue crafts should offer some open-endedness to allow for a little creative interpretation.  And glue sticks should be banned.  Has anything ever been successfully stuck down with a glue stick?

Henry at the big window.

In spite of my personal disappointment, though, we had fun.  They liked being out in the dark evening, a rarity for us, and the library was super quiet if you wanted a book, or to photograph your baby.  They also liked the cookies, and once, Evie looked at another girl and asked, “Why is she wearing my shoes?”  Sure enough, they had the same shoes on!  Shimmer and Shine, ironically.  🙂