The First Monday After a Trip, and Halloween, Too


Van Gogh is our Artist of the Month for November, and I thought we’d make this torn-paper collage of a vase of sunflowers to get us off on the right foot.  I’m really trying to work in art projects on a regular basis, you know!  We happen to have a ton of sunflowers blooming right now.  In October.  Crazy, right?  Apparently, the chickens spilled a LOT of feed out in the field, and it has all started growing and blooming and seeding, so we happen to have sunflowers thanks to the chickens.

We picked ourselves a nice bouquet to arrange inside for inspiration, but then Tommy happened to notice ladybugs in both their larval and pupal stages!  After some hunting among the leaves, we also found eggs!  So the art session became a nature study session, too.  It was fun, and we have Tommy’s excellent observation skills to thank for it!  He was the one who discovered that this strange bug we’ve been seeing is actually an immature ladybug.  He’s a smarty-pants, that one.  photo-oct-31-12-00-02-pm

If you are in the market, I highly recommend this insect observation kit.  It has three jars with magnifying lids, a larger magnifier that allows you to look at the insect from both above and below, and two pairs of bug tweezers, in case you don’t want to touch them.  We used to have some bubble-shaped tweezers picked up at Target, but, alas, those are no more!  I bought this months ago, but only broke it out today.  Lots of fun!

So, after cleaning the room, which happens to be a mess magnet, gathering ourselves for educational pursuits, and getting distracted by said pursuits, that’s all we got done today.  But it was fun, and maybe that’s what you need on the first Monday after a two week break for a road trip, especially if that Monday is also Halloween and your kids are going trick-or-treating for the first time.  (Can you say “excited”?)