Notes: 1/180

Evie already knows her ABCs from singing and pointing at the letters at the end of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Eric Carle’s ABC.  So when I formally introduced her to the letters a, c, t, s, and o this morning, I wasn’t too surprised that she knew their names, and she knew most of the sounds already, too.  I tried to show her how to put them together to spell words.  C-A-T, cat.  “Dog,” she said.  No, C-A-T, cat.  “Sugar.  You built a house!”  (Sugar is the name of one of our cats.)  (And house????)  She recalled all the sounds a few minutes later, but then she realized I was quizzing her and she started giving the wrong answers.  She does that.  It’s funny and manipulative and annoying, and extremely clever.  She’s hard to teach, though, because you just don’t know what she really knows unless you trick her into telling you.  When I tucked her in tonight, she said, “I want to learn how to read.” Oy.

In other news, we got off to a slow start, which is totally to be expected on the first day, but we finished with good cheer, so that’s a win!  We read aloud from the Ancient Civilizations book and from A Life of Our Lord for Children, which I’ve had just forever and never gotten around to.  The children narrated from the history book.  Penny and Rosie wrote a bit about nomads and Tommy wrote about the gardener who planted trees.

We also got started with our math.

Then we had to leave to get feed, which meant no Latin till we got home, and it was Jonny who reminded everyone to get it done.  Jonny!  Who’d have thought.  I guess he was more excited to get back to school than he let on.  🙂