My Boy


He’s fifteen. He’s already man-sized, and he’s got a lot of growing left to do. He’s strong. He says, “Can I carry that for you?” I say, “It’s heavy…” He says, “Nothing is heavy for me.”

He loves his little siblings, and he’s a good friend to his older sisters. He spends hours watching his fish swim. He spends many more hours building things out of Legos. He’s really good at it. He likes Amtgard, and I remember that, when he was a wee thing and we’d sword fight with wooden spoons in the kitchen, he never backed down. He still never backs down.

He always enjoys the meals I make for him. He’s less picky than his father, so lots of times, I cook for his pleasure instead. A girl likes to be appreciated. 🙂

He’s really smart, and very well read, especially about wars, weapons and armor, castles, and medieval Japan. He’s handsome and chivalrous, too.

And I’m honored that I get to be his mother, to play my small part in helping him become what he is meant to be. What a gift he is.

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  1. What a sweet young man he sounds like! (Can we arrange a marriage? 😉 )

    1. Ha! Wouldn’t that make things easier? 🙂 Did you, by any chance, watch a show called Seventh Heaven once upon a time? Toward the end, there was an episode along those lines, and the children finally decided to ask their parents who they would choose for them. The parents declined to answer. 🙂

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