Taco Week!

Harrell's nice old pick-up.
Harrell’s nice old pick-up.

When you let the kitchen helpers plan the menu for the week, and they choose meals they have been craving instead of meals that kind of make sense together, you might start noticing a certain trend forming by the time you get to Wednesday.  In our case, for this week, the girls were feeling very taco-ish, and every single dinner features – you guessed it – homemade tortillas.  For a family our size, that means we’ll be making something like 150 tortillas this afternoon.  Now, normally, I would have adjusted their suggestions to make for a bit more variety, but sometimes it’s just fun to run with it.

I’ve been planning monthly for several years now, but I’m trying to go back to a weekly schedule, just stocking up on pantry essentials and frozen veggies once a month, and doing all the rest of the marketing on Fridays.  And, because this is the sort of thing we women shared back in the old days of blogging (ten years is a lifetime on the internet!), I’m sharing my menu plan.  🙂


First, we’ll need lots of homemade tortillas, which we’ll make all at once today.

Saturday: potluck picnic at the neighbors’ 4th of July party
Sunday: Chicken Enchiladas
Monday: Chicken Tacos
Tuesday: Chinese Burritos
Wednesday: Greek-Style Burritos (recipe coming)
Thursday: Ordinary Tacos (recipe probably coming)

Most of these will be tripled for making freezer meals.  I’ve used all of mine up and I miss them!  Also, there’s no sense in making just one pan of enchiladas.  They’re too much work and mess to waste the effort.


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  1. I love that you’re sharing all these recipes, and I’m just sure that I’m going to be back in the kitchen soon to try them. Don’t forget to post your other overnight breakfast ideas too please!

    1. Will do! I’m trying to post as I make things, so that I don’t forget all my tweaks before I share. 🙂

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