What Morning Brings


“Where’s Evie?” I asked in sudden alarm. I was nursing the baby on the couch, but I heard the tractor right outside the window, and some shouted directions, and a very loud, very distressing crunch. Delaney jumped up to find her, safe and sound upstairs, and then we watched the deck pull slowly away from the house and collapse to the ground in surprisingly slow motion. No one even came close to getting injured, which is another surprise, albeit a happy one.

This thing has been a thorn in our sides since we moved in, and has become too terrifyingly rotted to even consider stepping on. It was also built over a downstairs window, effectively blocking most of the light into what is already a fairly dark room. None of us shall miss it! Eventually, we’ll replace the door with a window. There’s another family not far away who’ve had a similar doorway to nowhere that we’ve been laughing at since we moved here seven years ago. They got it replaced with a window this year, and it looks great. I’m not sure, but we might be able to get the job done a little faster. We’ll see.