Confirmed in the Holy Spirit

Newly Confirmed!
Newly Confirmed!

And some family photos, which never come out quite as good as I’d like them to. 🙂

The happy (and expectant) parents...
The happy (and expectant) parents…
Just the boys!
Just the boys!
Just the girls!
Just the girls!
All the kids together. :-)
All the kids together. 🙂

The archbishop used so much chrism oil this morning, the confirmandi were fairly dripping with it!

Our small parish shares a priest with another nearby, and the Confirmation Mass today was held at our sister church.  Therefore, we ran into lots of people who either don’t know us at all or see us only occasionally, and so there was a lot of, “When is the baby due?!” At eight days late, we’re long past worrying about due dates, though.  So when will the baby arrive?  Some theories:

All of my babies have been born on either Wednesday or Saturday, with the exception of Tommy, who is generally acknowledged to have a special destiny.  He was born into the darkest period of our family life, and he was a bond and a bridge between two people who had forgotten how to love each other.  He has exhibited his whole life a gentle compassion and empathy for people.  I think it’s safe to consider his Thursday birthday a special case.  So, Wednesday, April 20 is a good option.  Hopefully not Saturday the 23rd, because two weeks is overkill, yes?

Another good option is Tuesday, April 19.  I was born on the 19th, as was my mother, and her mother, and her mother, so there is a tradition there.  We considered the fact that it may not be a girl, and have decided that there is a possibility that gender is not a concern, even though this birthday phenomenon has occurred along the female line thus far.  But!  My mother had only one sister, and her mother, if I recall, was one of three girls.  I’m not sure about my great-grandmother, but it appears that there may not have been any boys in these families, so the fact that it has generally passed along from mother to daughter may be irrelevant.  Therefore, we consider that, boy or girl, the 19th would be a good day.  Also, I have been ten days late three times, but never later, so that’s another boon for Tuesday.

Then again, we’re talking about a baby here, and they are generally unpredictable little creatures, so none of our theories or guesses matter in the slightest.  We’ll just have to keep watching and waiting, and whatever will be will be.  🙂

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  1. waiting… but no predictions.
    Beautiful photos, by the way. You look great! Your entire family looks great! Who are the patron saints? Faith will be Confirmed on May 20 and she has chosen St. Perpetua.

    1. Megan chose St. Christopher, and Jonathan chose St. Michael. They save Confirmation for high school here, but I’ll try to remember to pray for Faith!

  2. Ooooo I am SO EXCITED!! And so glad you’re going to post when you head to the hospital, so I can light a candle for you and keep you and baby in prayer the whole time.

    Also I think all of your pictures turned out fabulously! What a beautiful family you have!

    I’m always…I’m trying to think of the right word here…deeply grateful…(I don’t know it some sort of feeling that doesn’t have real words to go with it) whenever you mention the darkest time of your marriage. I’m not glad that you all endured such a hard time, but I’m grateful to hear you speak of it (without having to explain it to everyone) because I feel like all marriages that go on must endure deep dark times but most of the time they aren’t mentioned and I sometimes think that’s a disservice in a way. It’s just nice to know it happened, and you persevered without needing any details. I don’t know I’m probably not making much sense, but I know what I mean. ;o)

    1. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about it. I’ve wanted to, but then again, I don’t want to hold onto it, either. It was his undiagnosed depression, and it took us five years to get through it, but I think I love him more genuinely now, more honestly. Not in spite of flaws, but also because of them, through them. And if I haven’t ever written anything, that right there is probably all I ever will! ?

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the updates when the little one decides to make an appearance.

    Such a beautiful family! I love seeing the photos.

  4. Randall says:

    Sarah’s birthday is on the 20th, so that day has my vote. Aaron’s is on the 26th, but that might be a bit of a burden going out that long.

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