{p,h,f,r} Spring Days


IMG_2661aOr maybe handsome?  My little guy is a whopping seven years old now, and I can’t believe it still.  He was five years my baby, before Evie was born, the one bridge between my husband and me as we struggled through five years of untreated depression, the sweet child who says he’ll never marry so that he can take care of me when I’m old.  He’s got a heart of gold, this one, and I wonder where it will take him.


happy brenna evieBrenna and Evie have rekindled their happy relationship, since Brenna quit her day job and is home more during Evie’s waking hours.  They sure do enjoy each others company.


8x10 evie funny

evie balancesShe was practicing her balancing on this gray day.  Some of those rocks are wobbly!

Yesterday, she was outside playing, and I had to go start dinner.  “Do you want to go inside with me or stay out and play with your sisters?” I asked.

“I want to stay home,” she said with the sweetest smile, as the wind blew her curly locks into her face.  “I want to talk to you, and I want to kiss you, and I want to snuggle you…”

I love being her “home”.  I can’t think of anything sweeter!


epas popping up in rowsMy peas are sprouting!  I soaked them before we planted, because peas always take so long to germinate, but just a few days after we pushed them into the soil, they are poking their little heads up.  Many people, apparently, don’t know about soaking seeds. I learned it from my dad, who always soaked his corn seeds for several days, rinsing each day, until they started sprouting in the jar.  I only soaked the peas for one day, till they were plump and soft, but it really cuts down on germination time.  Try it on all your biggest, hardest seeds!

Three weeks and two days till baby’s due date.  (The belly makes a photographic appearance here.)  Am I anxious?  Ready to wear pants that don’t contain elastic?  Eager to sleep without having to use the bathroom 12 times a night?  Anticipating taking a deep breath without somebody’s tush taking up the space normally reserved for my lungs?  Nope.  Not me.  Baby can take as long as he or she wants.  😉

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and I’ll see you over at Like Mother, Like Daughter!

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  1. That reminds me I need to go check on my peas! I’ve never soaked them before, but noticed on the package right before I was going to plant them that soaking was recommended… I soaked them for a few hours and they were definitely “squishy” so we’ll see if that helps germination rates!

  2. I thought I had leftover pea seeds at home, and I didn’t, so we still haven’t planted any sugar snap peas yet!! We’ve got some other seedlings started in the house, but no peas! I must remedy that very soon.

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