Mini Lesson: Georgia O’Keefe for Little Kids

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Georgia O’Keefe is one of the many artists I admire, so I decided to share her with the children today. She’s part of a larger lesson plan, focused mostly on Hawaii.

Photo Feb 03, 9 52 37 AM

Picture Books:

My Name Is Georgia
Through Georgia’s Eyes
(There’s some overlap between these two, which are both biographical; I like My Name Is Georgia a little bit better, if you just want one.)
Georgia in Hawaii: When Georgia O’Keeffe Painted What She Pleased

And your library probably has others. 🙂

Then we painted Georgia-style, big and bold, things from nature. Here’s a lesson plan to get you started. We used watercolors on watercolor paper, and pencils, and erasers. 🙂

Photo Feb 03, 11 44 12 AMTop Row: Tulip by Mom; Leafy Green Plant by Brenna, 19; Tulips by Delaney, 17
Bottom Row: Nut by Rosie, 11; Pine Branch by Penelope, 8; Apple by Thomas, 6

Oh, and go ahead and paint with your kids.  They’ll think you’re absolutely fabulous, but more importantly, it sets a good example for creating just for the joy of it, even if your finished art isn’t perfect, and I think we all deal with a little too much perfectionism in our lives, yes?  When you make art alongside your children, you show them that there is value in the process of creating, even if your work will never hang on a museum wall.

Here are two other books I like about making art, because often, we are our harshest critics:

The Dot

Have fun!

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  1. beautiful! a lovely way to brighten a dreary winter day.

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